The Adaptive Victor

Colonel Gaurav Dutta, RetiredAmputee

Colonel Gaurav Dutta talks about his journey, marked by dedication to service in the army and a love for sports, in this film. In 2001, during a mission on the line of control, he sustained a severe injury to his left leg and became an amputee.Undeterred, Colonel Dutta turned to sports, particularly golf and swimming, as anchors of his recovery. He went on to participate in the Indian Wheelchair Amputee Sports in Bangalore, alongside fellow army officers, winning bronze. His journey highlights how sports can help reshape the perceptions of disability and redefine personal limits.Simultaneously, Mrs Dutta, (Vandana Seshadri) through candid narration, shares her perspectives in this film. She offers a glimpse into the resilience required to navigate such a profound change, highlighting the crucial role of support systems and community in the journey of adaptation and recovery.
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