About Disability Awareness

Welcome to the fruition of our brainchild, born from the spirited quest of the AskMe Project!

We enlisted the expertise of Hashu Advani College of Special Education, led by the principle coordinator Ms. Nisha Kutty headed by Dr Asmita Huddar, to embark on a 4-month research journey. The mission was to uncover the common questions asked by non-disabled people across ages, cities and professions about the world of people with disabilities. After meticulous collection and collation, the researchers narrowed it down to 44 thought-provoking questions which may increase.

Following this research, in our dynamic brainstorming session held with tech gurus, self advocates and diverse minds, a set of final FAQs, the answers to which are designed to demystify disability and aim to provide clarity and understanding on various aspects related to it, were carefully categorized into eight insightful sections, with the potential to expand further even now! During this session, a brilliant idea also surfaced – why not add lived experiences of persons of disabilities, particularly focussing on the 21 disabilities recognized by the government of India, to the website as well.

Disability campaigner and Founder Trustee Ritika Sahni with filmmaker and editor Sourav Dutta then traveled across the country, interviewing and filming self advocates. In the first phase of this website, those captivating videos have been uploaded.

Obtaining the answers to the 44 disability related FAQs required intensive effort as we reached out to domain experts to provide detailed and accurate responses. To ensure clarity and impact, we engaged consultants who meticulously crafted scripts around these categories. It’s a comprehensive journey into the heart of each question, designed to deliver not just answers but a deeper understanding.

Stay tuned, for this is just the beginning. Our website is set to grow and evolve over the next year. A haven of information, expert answers and touching narratives awaits for you in the FAQ section. Behind the scenes, our dedicated staff, volunteers, interns, editors, social media experts and other professionals are pouring in a tremendous amount of hard work to help enrich the website.

This monumental undertaking, including the expansive scope of our work and the intricacies of shooting engaging content, simply wouldn’t have been possible without the crucial backing of financial support. A heartfelt thank you to LearningMate Solutions Pvt Ltd. Their generosity and insight played a pivotal role in bringing this project to life.

If you have more burning questions or want to share your own FAQs related to disability, reach out to us through the Contact Us section. Your engagement fuels our commitment to continue this meaningful journey!

Familiarize yourself with and expand your vocabulary of disability-related terminology! 
S - Scribe
S - Sense of belonging
P - Positive mindset
U - Universal design
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