Towards Inclusion Card Games

Here, you'll find online versions of two engaging card games: "Barrier Begone" and "Do You Know?"

These games help dismantle misconceptions, spark meaningful conversations, and prompt empathy in action! They are part of our "Towards Inclusion" Card Game Kit, meticulously crafted by Disability Inclusion Champion Ms. Ritika Sahni and Inclusive Education Specialist Ms. Padma Shastry. 

Developed over three years of rigorous research and testing, the kit includes six captivating card games and a story-cum-workbook titled ‘I am Different. So are you’, accompanied by an answer booklet. Contact us to acquire your own kit and embark on this journey towards inclusion.

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Familiarize yourself with and expand your vocabulary of disability-related terminology! 
R - Rehabilitation
I - Integration
M - Mental illness
M - Mentoring
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