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Disability Deconstructed
Join Ritika Sahni as she challenges societal norms, dispelling disability myths and advocating for inclusivity.
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Trinayani, founded by singer-activist Ritika Sahni, is into raising awareness about disability and diversity issues, encouraging inclusiveness through games, literature, curated workshops/campaigns, inclusive events and empowering the voices of individuals with disabilities. To learn more about our activities, please visit Trinayani Home.

This website is our latest offering and is your passport to a realm where understanding and empathy join forces. Why be here? Well, to turn awareness into action and create a world where everyone gets an equal shot at life!

Explore this space and dive into a treasure trove of resources for disability awareness, from video blogs that unravel the stories and lived experiences of individuals with disabilities to FAQs, engaging podcasts, and so much more! Oh, and did we mention the games? Delve into playful activities that entertain as much as they foster empathy. Here, we invite you to explore, learn, and be part of a community dedicated to breaking down barriers.


In this segment, firsthand accounts from Self-Advocates, our friends with disabilities, are featured. They share their real-life experiences, struggles, and successes through these films.
'We Are Family' -  Inclusive Music Video
Dive into the uplifting melody of ‘We Are Family,’ a musical celebration of unity and inclusion featuring a diverse ensemble of disabled and non-disabled individuals.
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You can explore and expand your understanding of disabilities with interactive games here. Dive into fun activities while learning fascinating facts about disabilities!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Discover comprehensive answers to common questions about disability in our FAQ section. Backed by months of research, our platform offers clear insights from diverse perspectives by experts in the field.


Trinayani is dedicated to fostering disability awareness and empowering the disabled community and has been actively engaged in its mission for the past 16 years. Explore our main website to delve deeper into our extensive range of initiatives. Here, we highlight six of our impactful projects.

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Familiarize yourself with and expand your vocabulary of disability-related terminology! 
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