Disability Deconstructed

In “Disability Deconstructed,” Ritika Sahni, the Founder Trustee of NGO Trinayani, leads viewers on an enlightening journey aimed at deconstructing disability and challenging societal norms. Through a skillful presentation, the video dispels prevalent myths surrounding disability by showcasing empowering clips of individuals with disabilities thriving in various aspects of life.

A heartfelt acknowledgment is extended to those who shared their life experiences to make this impactful video possible. Self-advocates …

  • Laishram Esheihanbi,
  • Farhan Contractor,
  • Nehal Tiwari,
  • Kishor Gohil,
  • Ramesh Mishra,
  • Shampa Sengupta,
  • Angshu Jajodia,
  • Sunil Sahasrabuddhe,
  • Shweta Sahasrabuddhe,
  • Disha Pandya.

… contribute to the richness and authenticity of the narrative, amplifying the voices and experiences of the community of people with disabilities.

Also, expressing heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated blind reflexology massage therapists at Sparsh Foot Spa. Your skill, warmth and commitment makes the foot spa a rejuvenating and empowering experience.

From pursuing careers and embracing opportunities to engaging in sports and relishing everyday activities – like celebrating the inclusive spirit at Montfort School, Guwahati, where students come together to engage in the game of Inclusive Cricket – the video highlights the diverse capabilities of disabled individuals. We thank our self-advocates…

  • Chirag Chauhan,
  • Varun Sawant,
  • Bande Nawaz,
  • Umakant Vadale,
  • Jay Hopf Patni
  • Manali Jain,
  • Sunita Sancheti,
  • Rahul Ramugade,
  • Prasad Phanasgaokar,
  • Prakash Pandagale
  • Sushmeetha Bubna

…for shedding light on the pervasive issues of stigma and accessibility challenges faced by the disabled community in India; and for demonstrating the transformative power of technology and adaptive strategies to enhance accessibility in your lives.

And finally, extending sincere appreciation to all individuals who lent their voices to sing India’s National Anthem, creating a harmonious conclusion filled with patriotic spirit.

  • Siddharth Sawant
  • Merlyn D’mello
  • Sneha Jawale
  • Prajakta Rawate
  • Sohail Shaikh
  • Ramesh Mishra
  • Kaustubh Tapal
  • Vishesh Joshi
  • Abhijoy Gupta
  • Dhriti Pandit
  • Neenu Kewlani
  • Sunita Sancheti
  • Kamlesh Vishwakarma
  • Baquer Shirazi
  • Ruchita Soni
  • Lalji Laliya
  • Ritika Sahni
  • Babli
  • Dhanvi Khandhar
  • Rahul Ramugade
  • Khushii Modi
  • Dhruvi Khandhar
  • Sobha Sachdev
  • Piloo
  • Arth Vidyarthi
  • Arav Neil Dey
  • Afsha Arf Memon
Familiarize yourself with and expand your vocabulary of disability-related terminology! 
A - Ability
G - Genetic disorders
P - Persons with disabilities
S - Special Olympics
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