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Ms. Sunita Sancheti, an accessibility champion and self-advocate who faced a spinal cord injury at 16 and lost sensation below her waist. A trip to the UK at 26 opened her eyes to how various places can be made accessible for people with disabilities. Inspired, she returned to India and joined hands with NGOs like Able Disable All People Together (ADAPT) and Nina Foundation, working to enhance accessibility in places.

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I am a paraplegic person and the biggest setback for me was I could not complete my education because my college was inaccessible.

I feel it is very important to have accessibility in place, then life will be less challenging for many more like me.


I feel it is very important that we keep ourselves updated and do research of all that we require.

Like, for example, I required a table which is of a lesser height, so that I could manage easily. 

The switches here are also at a lower height, so that I can do it myself.

I don't need to call someone.

There is a door which is sliding and it is easier for me to get in and get out of the office.

Not only that, my bathroom door has a mirror behind the door.

So that when I get ready, I can look at myself and look how pretty I am and this is all possible with limited resources.

We can all do it!

So, keep updating yourself and do research of what best you can do to make your life easier and simpler.

There are always people around us who can help us, as and when required.

But take help only when it is important.

Otherwise try and manage things on your own.

(Sounds from a lift)


Let me show you my room!

This is my sliding door which makes it comfortable.

Now let's go to my wardrobe.

(Moving sounds)

There are hangers and we can just pull them down with this innovative idea. 

Not only that, my bathroom door is sliding. 

I can just pick up my clothes, go inside, change, and I am out here.

I have a mirror just next to my dresser. 

My dresser is hidden. 

I have a small tray on which I can remove things and get dressed.

Not only that, I have a bed which has a hoist.

So, when there is no one around, I can just use that uh remote and lift the bed and I can get my quilt out.

My bed is ready.

So now let me turn the curtains on and I can sleep.

I need assistance for changing my side.

Here it is.

And this transfer board makes me slide from my bed to the wheelchair, from the wheelchair to my car and all the places that I want to transfer.


I am an entrepreneur and I have done good for myself. 

I have used the resources, so that my life can be comfortable.

I urge to all my friends, be financially independent, so that even you can work towards a better you.

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