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Disability and Inclusion

Disability is a multifaceted concept that encompasses identity, dignity and societal barriers. In this film, let’s hear people with diverse disabilities offer reflections on what disability means to them. Each speaker brings a unique viewpoint to enrich our understanding! We express our gratitude to Ishaan Chakraborti, D. Sumanth, Madhu Bala Sharma, Puneet Singh Singhal, Chirag Gambhir, Vineet Saraiwala, Piyush Rakhecha, Vishakh Bharadwaj S, Nivedita Vasanth, Nidhi Goyal and Jeeja Ghosh for sharing their thoughts.

This film invites us to reconsider our perceptions and embrace the richness of human diversity.

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Disability, it means to me uh an identity and it is about my uh, my existence in the society as a political being, as a being with inherent dignity. 

Disability D I S A B I L I T Y is a label. So people tend to be ashamed of that labels and I am not ashamed to be deaf, I have my confidence,  as an identity. Yes, I do face challenges in communication but I overcome that. Hearing is the only thing that I cannot do, that’s about it. 

 I am not disabled because I am blind but I do get disabled when there are impediments and um I am happily disabled because I am able to remove those impediments, by interacting with people, by voicing those impediments and by bringing people along to address those impediments as well and bring about those mindset changes. So that’s how I look at disability.

Me, disability is part of human experiences, nothing less nothing more, that’s just as it is.

Disability is an art, it’s an ingenious way to live and let live.

Disability is a condition in which I am living with uh I am blind and there is nothing right or wrong about it. It’s just the way I am. uh I also want to tell everyone that everyone experiences disability,  it’s just that people with disabilities experience a greater magnitude of it more than the others. But it’s a shared experience. When you are old you would have a disability, when you have a fracture you would have a disability, uh when you are not able to hear in loud places you might have a disability. So it’s a shared experience which everyone has, but people with disabilities has it more than anybody else.

 Living life in a very different way because life imposes a lot of challenges to you on a daily basis and you have to figure out and think out of the box to get the solution.

Disability is just a very generic word. I will try to phrase it in the form of quotes “Limitations are limited but opportunities are unlimited“. So this is where we need to look at disabled people, where they are looking for opportunities and trying to excel in whatever they are competent at.

Disability according to me means that uh inability to do certain tasks.

For me, Disability is a part of human diversity, it’s a part of being a human being, nothing more nothing less.

According to the definition given by the UNCRPD, Disability is a barrier which is imposed on the pre-existing impairment which hinders the full and meaningful participation of a person in society.

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