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PuneetSpeech Impairment

Puneet, from Delhi, talks about living with a speech impairment after experiencing domestic violence in his childhood, which led to his stammer. After a challenging phase of bullying and some introversion, Puneet decided ‘enough is enough’ and founded ‘Ssstart,’ an organization promoting acceptance and celebrating the diversity of communication. With the mantra ‘Haklao Magar Pyaar Se’ (Stammer, but with love), Puneet emphasizes the power of humour and aims to create inclusive spaces in schools, colleges and workplaces. Have attached thumbnail and a document for Resource section Amidst her love for binge-watching, Pragya emerges triumphant, leading a thriving life. With humor and heart, Pragya advocates skin donation, tackles challenges and envisions a future free from acid attacks.



This is, this is Puneet and I come, I come from Delhi and uh I have a speech and language language disability.

So, you must be wonder wondering about about what it is.

So, I am a person with stammering and uh speech and language disability itself very diverse.

So, uh people with lisping, people with stuttering, people with um aphasia.

So there there’s whole lot of spectrum within the speech and language disability and I am one with with with stammering.


As long as I can remember I I've always stammered and uh like, I have observed that uh since my father was abusive uh I have seen lot of domestic violence and I’ve I have experienced lot of uh uh lot of disturbances in my in my childhood and that uh made me uh made me stammer in in uh early early childhood and uh I faced lot of bullying in my in my school days and afterwards like I become very very shy and introverted because of that.

Uh but later on, I I decided that um that enough is is enough and I need to do something about it and so I I started my own organization called Ssstart with a triple S.

Uh this is what signifies when someone who stammers pronounce the word ‘start’ and it also uh is a symbol of of a new beginning.

A beginning where um we can we can have acceptance of our own uh way of speaking and we believe that uh stammering is just another way of way to communicate and express ourselves and this is not a deficiency.

It is just a diversity in communication.

Uh so since like I can remember uh we we have conducting workshops.

We have conducting sessions on on how to accept and how to be in harmony with our own voice and with with with the way we speak. 

So, uh so we also use humour a lot and since like if if you can use humor on yourself then no one can use use it against you.

So, this is our philosophy and our mantra is uh ‘Haklao, Magar Pyaar Se’ (Stammer, but with love).

So, we are teaching both the listeners as well and uh the the speakers as well that that you know how we can how can we be more inclusive 

Uh spaces for in the schools and colleges and workplaces where where people will stam with stammering is is more included in the communication part as well because I used to work in a very big uh corporate bank and at that time, I asked my manager that I want to host a team meeting and he said that we don't have that much of time for for you.

So that was my pinching point.

You know that that made me uh that made me uh resolute that that one day I will speak and the whole world will listen to me and this is what I want to say to all of the people who who struggles to communicate.

All the people who stammers, all the people who lisp, all the people who has Aspasia (Aphasia) that that one day we're gonna talk and all the world will listen to us.

Thank you so much.

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