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The Dynamic Duo

Rohini & VinodLocomotive Disability

Discover the extraordinary lives of Rohini and Vinod. This captivating film unveils the resilience and determination of the duo, both navigating the intricacies of locomotor disabilities with grace and fortitude. Rohini lost the function of her legs to polio and Vinod is an amputee. This film captures the everyday triumphs of Rohini and Vinod, proving that disabilities are not limitations but pathways to boundless possibilities.


I am Vinod Rawat.
I am an amputee.
I am using an advanced Jaipur foot.

I am Rohini Sathe.
When I was a year old, I was diagnosed with polio.
Now I am 42 years old.
I have a job with MSEB (Maharashtra State Electricity Board).
I am at a UDC post.
This place I am living in, is in Chembur area where I have been allotted a cottage.
Me and my husband both are disabled.
Both of us live here.
After marriage, we are living here.

43 years ago, I had a road accident, in which I lost my leg.
4 years ago, a calamity happened again, I had one more accident that happened during the practice of the para wheelchair basketball on the basketball court.
My wheelchair bumped into her wheelchair.
So, this time I did not incur any loss, in fact I gained her through that accident.
So, I am so lucky.

I am a Jaipur foot user.
I am a brand ambassador of Jaipur foot in the male category.
Sudha Chandan is the brand ambassador in the female category.
Jaipur foot is helpful for those people who in an accident lose their legs and then need an artificial limb. Jaipur's foot provides them this limb.
For people with polio, Jaipur’s foot helps them by providing Callipers.
Through Jaipur Foot, many lives have been impacted, many lives have changed.
I am one of them.

I am a bookworm. I like to study.
I like to learn new things and read.
I really like to read books a lot.
My hobby is to study.
I have done M.Com, M.B.A, done diploma in financial management and now I am doing law. I am in my final year.
For about 12 years I have given tuition.
I was teaching.
I used to teach children from class 9th to TY B.Com.
Alongside all this I was also preparing for government competitive exams.
For me, studying is like yoga.
I like to stay at home, study and enjoy my own company.
Vinod is just the opposite.
He likes to play and be outdoors.
I am a bit lazy. When I get in bed to sleep, I don’t get up soon.

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Familiarize yourself with and expand your vocabulary of disability-related terminology! 
D - Down Syndrome
E - E-Books
I - Inclusive attitude
L - Limitations
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