We Are Family

“We Are Family” serves as a jubilant celebration of diversity and inclusion. Shot in various locations, the video brings together a myriad of individuals, both with and without disabilities, uniting to create a vibrant and heartwarming spectacle. Beyond its entertaining quality, the video carries a profound message – the importance of inclusion for disabled individuals in our global community. The spirited anthem serves as a soundtrack to scenes where people joyously break free from stereotypes, showcasing their unique abilities in dance, sports and more.

The song’s lyrics resonate with hope, envisioning a world where discrimination is a thing of the past and is replaced by understanding and compassion.

  • The lyrics were originally written by Jayshree Singh with additional lyrics by Nimo Patel and Ritika Sahni.
  • Sung and performed by Nimesh Patel and Ritika Sahni, the vocals were recorded at Swarit Recording Studio in Ahmedabad and mixed and mastered by Biswadeep Dipak Chatterjee in Mumbai.
  • Directed by Drishti Chadha, with cinematography by Milan Machhhar, the video features a diverse ensemble of individuals, each joyously defying stereotypes and embracing their abilities.
  • Technical Head Sourav Dutta and Creative Advisor Indianil Goswami contribute to the video’s creative vision.

Shot in various locations, the video is a celebration of diversity, uniting people with and without disabilities in dance, sports and more. The lively and uplifting scenes convey a powerful message of equality, emphasizing the importance of inclusion in our world.

  • “We Are Family” is a testament to collaborative creativity, with meticulous editing by Drishti Chadha and Sourav Dutta, bringing visual cohesion to this vibrant celebration.
  • The video’s vibrant hues are skillfully crafted by Gaurav Gami, enhancing the lively scenes that unfold.
  • Behind the scenes, Ritika Sahni takes on the role of Production Head, ensuring a seamless execution of this inclusive musical project.

The diverse ensemble of friends of Trinayani includes individuals who bring their unique spirit to the video and contribute to the rich tapestry of diversity showcased in it.

“We Are Family” is further enriched by the vibrant contributions of

  • Sunita Sancheti,
  • Madhu Singh,
  • Sonal Konkane,
  • Ramesh Mishra,
  • Ramesh Mangilal Chavan,
  • Nilesh Rathod,
  • Farhan Contractor,
  • Usaid Shaikh,
  • Prisha David,
  • Sharayu Gosavi,
  • Deepa Gosavi,
  • Ashritha Shetty,
  • Rishi Shahani and
  • Bande Nawaz.
  • Vinit Jadhav, Utkarsha Waghmare and Akhil Sairam from MBA Foundation, along with their educator Pratibha Waghmare.
  • Aarti Nagarkar, Shefali Gulecha, Anand Jangir and Ashwini Desai from Cafe Arpan.

Each of these individuals brings their unique essence to the video, their collective presence is a testament to the strength found in unity and acceptance.

  • The diverse ensemble of individuals featured in “We Are Family” also includes the players of the Mumbai Wheelchair Cricket Team: Mark Dharmai, Rui Shingade, Siddhesh Shirke, Nivas Patil and Rahul Ramugade (Captain).
  • Karan Tanna and Vishvanath Falegaonkar (Students of IIT, Mumbai) contribute their unique presence, adding to the rich tapestry of diversity and inclusion portrayed in the music video.
  • Our heartfelt gratitude extends to Professors S. Mukherji, T. Kundu, S. Sudarshan and all the Gymkhana Sports Officers at IIT Bombay.

We acknowledge their support in making this project a reality. The video is not just a visual spectacle, it’s a collaborative effort. Trinayani extends sincere thanks to everyone who graciously supported the creation of this impactful and heartwarming music video.

Familiarize yourself with and expand your vocabulary of disability-related terminology! 
S - Sign Language
D - Deafness
S - Stylus
A - Awareness
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