Employment of Persons with disabilities - Part 1


In this film, join us as we hear firsthand from Shanti Raghavan, how En-Able India is dedicated to transforming livelihoods of people with disabilities across 19 different disability types, in both urban and rural areas. Throughout the film, Shanti shares narratives that challenge common misconceptions surrounding employment for people with disabilities. Shanti sheds light on the universal challenge of societal expectations and lack of belief in the potential of people with disabilities. She emphasizes the importance of shifting focus from disability to ability, advocating for equal opportunities and expectations for all. Through a process of 'Margadarshi,' candidates are provided training and a range of choices, ensuring they are in control of their career decisions. Shanti also discusses the importance of ongoing support and adaptability in the workplace, among other things.

Employment of Persons with disabilities - Part 2

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Familiarize yourself with and expand your vocabulary of disability-related terminology! 
W - Wheelchair user
N - Neurotypical
A - Advocacy
N - Nurturing
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