Accessibility and Assistive Devices

Prof. Dr. Kavita Murugkar is an architect and the current principal at Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Architecture. Driven by her passion, she established India's second Universal Design Centre for Training and Research at BNCA, a pioneering initiative that earned her the prestigious Zero Project Award 2020 at the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna. She also holds national recognition as a Disability Inclusion Consultant and Universal Access Specialist. Her influence extends beyond academia, contributing significantly to the discourse on Universal Design and inspiring others to create spaces that are not just functional but truly inclusive through her DesignBridge Foundation.

In this discourse, Prof. Dr. Kavita Murugkar unravels the essence of accessibility. She emphasizes that accessibility transcends the needs of persons with disabilities, it encompasses the diverse requirements of individuals across all walks of life. Prof. Murugkar passionately encourages everyone to be accessibility champions and to actively contribute to the creation of an inclusive world.

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Familiarize yourself with and expand your vocabulary of disability-related terminology! 
W - Wheelchair access
C - Congenital disability
T - Taylor Frame
A - Advocacy
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