Inclusive Music Band - Pehli Baarish


Imagine a world where music is a powerful tool for change, where stereotypes are shattered, and talents shine brighter than anything else.

To bring this imagination to life, Ritika Sahni, the Founder-Trustee of NGO Trinayani and a spirited music performer formed the Inclusive music band called Pehli Baarish with a cadre of her friends. Musicians with and without disabilities perform together in the band, being individuals who can give back to society.

The film shows their journey of performing in different places for different groups, from children with cancer to inmates in jails. Through their music, they challenge misconceptions and create opportunities for conversations around disability to happen. Pehli Baarish is a reminder that everyone, regardless of ability, has something valuable to offer.

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Familiarize yourself with and expand your vocabulary of disability-related terminology! 
T - Therapy
L - Locomotor disability
M - Multiple disabilities
N - Neurodiversity
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