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Dipendra Manocha, a Delhi University graduate, serves as Director of the Developing Countries Programme and Lead of Training and Tech Support at the DAISY Consortium. He's also the Co-Founder Trustee of "Saksham. Manocha is a pivotal figure in the Assistech Lab at IIT Delhi, contributing to the development of assistive technology for the blind and leads training and technical support for capacity-building programs within the Accessible Books Consortium of WIPO.

Meet Dipendra Manocha, a person living with blindness, talking about the incredible impacts of technology in today’s world. From struggling to read a simple thermometer to now having one that talks, technology has transformed lives of people with blindness and low vision and opened up endless opportunities for education, employment and social interaction. Imagine going to school with only a handful of books available in Braille, shared among an entire class - that was once the reality. But today, people with blindness and low vision have access to about 5 million books - all thanks to technology - doors are now opening where once there were only walls!

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Familiarize yourself with and expand your vocabulary of disability-related terminology! 
R - Reasonable Accommodation
F - Functional limitations
P - Polio
C - Capability
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