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The Spirited Dreamer

KarishmaDown Syndrome

Karishma, a remarkable and multi-talented individual with Down’s Syndrome, shares her journey in this heartwarming film. The film captures Karishma’s social vibrancy and zest for life, showcasing her active participation in diverse interests. Despite facing challenges such as difficulties in reading and writing, Karishma’s indomitable spirit shines through, supported by the unwavering love of her family. In her advocacy, Karishma encourages others to believe in themselves, echoing the mantra, “I can, you can, we all can.”


What is that?
Eiffel tower, Eiffel tower,
I was painting to my canvas, acrylic painting
Hi, I’m Karishma Kannan, I am self-advocate, I’m also artist too, you know
I speak at UN, Geneva, with my sister Kajol and at World Down syndrome day
And I like to paint and dance and model, I walk ramp fashion shows.
And I have my studio here, I teach yoga, Zumba and so many things I do
And this one you explain, what is this?
Feather touch. Like a feather, How did you do that, can you show me that gesture, how did you do that, your movements.
One long stroke and then it went like that, slash, right, yay like that
Like that, so much, yeh
Challenges is, I cannot read and write, I take time, I slow down, take time, speed, no speed
My family, my friends, my father, my mother, my sister and me
And my sister is my role model, my mother is counsellor of the family, and my father is working, my future
My sister is already a lawyer in Australia, she is working harder, make me independent, in future
Help support, help people, lot of people, heart surgeries, so many people, like me I am, small girl, premature baby, really small, so, I help, my whole painting is, lot of painting, is life, give more life
I like babies
Leave no one behind. All equal and included. And also, believe in yourself. I can, you can, we all can.

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