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The Resilient Venturer

SabariVI & Growth Hormone Disability

Sabari, a determined student and advocate, shares his profound thoughts on disability in this film. Born as a premature baby, he faced the challenges of growth hormone deficiency and limited vision—only 1% in his left eye, with complete blindness in the right due to medical negligence. The film showcases Sabari utilizing mobile apps, highlighting his determination to overcome challenges. His story also sheds light on him facing bullies, on the impact of societal attitudes on individuals with or without disabilities and the importance of a supportive community in fostering success. Sabari’s journey unfolds as a testament to his perseverance, resilience, and commitment to achieving his academic aspirations.


How does disability matter, this is my question?

We all can't do certain things.

Uh, and some of us, some of our faults are more obvious than others, that’s all

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Hello everyone, this is Sabari, Sabari Venkat is my full name.

I hail from Coimbatore and I have just completed my UG in Political science.

I am planning to pursue my MA in International studies.

My parents tell me I was as tall as any baby when I was born.

Uh, but uh, eventually we discovered that I had Growth hormone deficiency.

So that's the thing I have

So, I have just 1 per cent vision in my left eye.

I can just see light and shadow and I can't see in my right eye at all.

This was again, uh, a medical error, I should say.

I was born as a premature baby, I was kept in a ventilator for so long. That affected uh, my sight.

But uh, we weren't informed by the hospital.

The surgery was done 16 days after it should have been done. So, the doctors told us

And even that surgery ended up being a failure and my right eyeball was damaged permanently.

Uh, my left eye suffers from retinal detachment.

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Parents used to copy my friend's notes till 10th grade, actually.

I started learning to master NVDA and JAWS when I was nine or eight.

NVDA is a, like, accessibility software for visually impaired people to access computers and JAWS is a similar software.

uhhh but I should have done something that I never did and I still pay the price for it.

My dad or mom takes me everywhere, take me everywhere and my friends usually take me.

I never use a cane but I think I can do it if I really want to, because I walk really really fast and I’ve never found, you know, canes to be that comfortable.

I found them lumbering things, so, I prefer having people along.

Again, this is one of my flaws, I prefer having people along to just guide me and tell me where the stairs are.

I was bullied a lot. Most of it, most of it now I realise was petty and unintentional, but at that time, it was huge for me.

After third grade, I did encounter serious bullying, like I’ll be doing something and someone will just come and tap me on the head, someone will come, blow in my ear and people, uhhh, just come, pinch me, or, and there was a lot of jealousy, that, a lot of, you know, people make me do things and laugh and, yeah, that kind of things was there

I don't blame them as they were. I wouldn't blame any child who does that.

But my blame ultimately would go to the environment and the society that shapes them, shapes them, as what they are.

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