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The Resolute Communicator


Sukanya invites us into her world through this film, where sound isn't merely heard but experienced through a unique lens. Navigating the intricacies of daily life as a deaf individual, she paints a vivid picture of her daily life and ways of communicating. From the challenges of online meetings, where the nuances of lip reading and imperfect captions intertwine, to the nuances of human interaction, where facial expressions and body language become her guiding lights, Sukanya shares her lived experiences with candid honesty.She extends a guiding hand to educators as well, urging them to embrace patience and empathy in their interactions with deaf students. Through Sukanya's lens, we gain a newfound appreciation for the complexities of communication for the hearing impaired.

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Familiarize yourself with and expand your vocabulary of disability-related terminology! 
T - Tactile floors
B - Barrier-free
P - Progress
F - Functional limitations
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