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The Rising Star

MaitriCongenital Muscular Dystrophy

This film follows the journey of Maitri, a young woman navigating life with a protein deficiency that affects her voluntary muscles. We see how Maitri moves about using a wheelchair in an environment made accessible by ramps and lifts. But she does acknowledge the additional hurdles she faces, especially in a country like India where accessibility is not always a given. Undeterred, Maitri expresses her unwavering ambitions. Her educational journey is a testament to inclusivity, having attended an inclusive school and college where she enjoyed the support of amazing friends and teachers who encouraged her to participate in various activities, including sports. She, alongside her friend Suvam, founded “Mind Assets” with a goal to generate employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. The film highlights her determination and promotes the belief that with the right mindset, any barrier can be overcome.


It’s a protein deficiency which makes my voluntary muscles weaker than a normal person and which, which restricts me from normal movement and that’s why I need a wheelchair to move around.

But psychologically, I don’t take it too seriously.


So currently I’m on oxygen because I’m recovering from a viral and there are other challenges.

It’s not an easy ride, especially in a country like India where things are not very accessible.

But I’m very ambitious.

And along with Shubham, we are going to kill it with technology and grow “Mind Assets” to employ thousands of people with disabilities, based on merit.

I wouldn’t say that the lives of people with disabilities are completely different than the others but they are partially different and I think every person’s life is partially different than the other, so

I went to a regular school, regular college.

I had amazing friends at school.

I had amazing teachers who never made me feel any different.

In fact, they were so encouraging, they used to push me to participate in every activity, including sports day.

They especially put my name in the chess tournament and I won a lot of trophies.

And, even in college, I was in a regular engineering college.

I love to paint, and I attend music concerts with friends.

So overall I’ve had a life like any other non-disabled person.

Many people ask me that, how she reached graduation and how, what were the challenges and how you came out of it and all that.

So don’t worry, challenges are going to come.

It comes in your routine life as well, we face a little more.

Some challenges are short-lived and you move ahead faster.

But sometimes you have to have patience.


If you ask for help, if you try for different solutions, you can make things happen.

Maybe it will not happen in two or three steps, it will take five steps or ten steps, but it will happen.

So if you have a good support system around you and you are not ashamed to ask, that is a big point, then I think there is a lot of possibilities.

So the barriers that come with physical limitations have ceased to exist because I want to be as good as I can.

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