Inclusive Meetups

Our Inclusive Monthly Meetups are all about bringing people together, no matter their abilities! Initiated in 2017 and led by Ms. Ritika Sahni, our Founder-Trustee, these meetups are always carefully planned to make sure everyone feels welcome and included.

We've had around  32 in-person meetups so far, offering a diverse range of activities, from culinary experiences of Cooking with Company to community engagements like the Daan Utsav, Mixology sessions at restaurants, Racing at the race course to the visit to a restaurant among many other meticulously curated meet-ups, catering to the varied interests of our participants, with or without disabilities. And even during the pandemic, we didn't stop - we simply moved our meetups online! These meetups have helped people connect and support each other, even when we couldn't meet each other face-to-face.

Inclusive meetups offer Our goal is to cultivate a sense of belonging, where people can freely express themselves and forge meaningful connections. The success of our meetups lies in the sense of community they foster and the lasting friendships they cultivate. The participants experience the power of inclusion with our dynamic and diverse meetups and we remain dedicated to this cause and look forward to continuing our efforts in creating inclusive spaces where all individuals feel welcomed and empowered.

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