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In light of the mandates outlined in the Right to Education Act (2009) and the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, emphasizing the need for inclusive educational environments, the "En-able" Disability Awareness and Capacity Building Program is an initiative aimed at promoting disability awareness and fostering inclusive education practices, developed by Ms. Ritika Sahni, Disability Campaigner, Trainer and Founder-Trustee of NGO TRINAYANI, along with a team of experts, advisors and consultants from the education sector. It was piloted in Delhi Public School Coimbatore in the academic year 2023-24 run by Takshila Education Society. 

The "En-able" program aims to build the capacity of teachers, students, and stakeholders with the necessary knowledge, structured sessions, activities and tools to foster inclusivity within schools and cultivate empathy, understanding, and acceptance. Research underscores the importance of disability awareness programs in promoting positive attitudes and fostering inclusive classroom environments. By integrating such programs into the school calendar, "En-able" advocates for a transformative approach to education, one that embraces diversity and the teachers take ownership as this program smoothly integrates into the existing school curriculum. 

The program spreads across four quarters, each strategically designed to address different aspects of disability awareness and tenets of inclusive education. 

  • In the first quarter, emphasis is placed on spreading awareness and building foundational knowledge around disability and inclusion, among teachers and students. 
  • The second quarter focuses on practical strategies and tools for implementing inclusive practices within the classroom. 
  • Moving into the third quarter, the program delves deeper into the principles of Universal Design Learning and Differentiated Instruction, ensuring that teachers are equipped with the necessary skills to cater to diverse learning needs effectively. 
  • Finally, the fourth quarter centers on fostering a collaborative and inclusive school community, where the participants visit a prominent school with children with disabilities in the neighborhood. 

There are also five online sessions by experts belonging to the education sector, exclusively for teachers, on topics like screening for disabilities in classrooms, planning and delivering inclusive learning by Suzanna Rodricks and introduction to the Anumaan Screening Tool

On completion of the pilot program in Delhi Public School Coimbatore and analysis of the feedback received from teachers and students, we have now designed 4 online follow-up sessions for teachers of DPS Coimbatore. We have received positive feedback from the students and are happy to be invited by Takshila Education Society to implement the “En-able” program next in Delhi Public School Patna in the academic year 2024-25. 

To explore how the En-able program can elevate your school's commitment to inclusive education, reach out to us. We look forward to discussing this transformative opportunity with you.

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