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An Artful Wordsmith

BinayakAutism Spectrum Disorder

Meet Binayak Ruku, a vibrant soul who finds solace in the rhythm of crickets and the canvas of words. Binayak’s love for writing and painting keeps him going. His parents advocate for understanding the spectrum of autism and unfold the nuances of it as a genetic disorder. Join their narrative, where the quest for awareness becomes a beacon for a society that embraces differences. In this cinematic journey, let’s celebrate life, where every color, every word, and every heartbeat echoes the beauty of a spectrum painted with love.


Nomoshkar, I am Binayak Ruku.

I love to write, I love to paint

I love the sounds that crickets make.

And I want to be like everybody else

Hi, I am Suman, mother of Binayak Ruku - a person with autism.

Autism is a genetic disorder.

It’s a condition, a life-long condition.

Ruku is not exactly like everyone else, he is different.

But we want for Ruku to live his life like he wants to, with everyone around him, independently.

This much is our prayer.

We want awareness for the entire society, so that children like Ruku, and other boys and girls like him, can rightfully live the way they want to and live alongside everyone on this planet.

I am Binayak Ruku and I’ll read out a poem from my book “Binayak Ruku’r Diary” now.

Chhanaar Payesh (A milk based sweet dessert)

Summers are good
We spread a cot on the roof
Maa, Papa and Ruku fall on the cot to lay on it
I can see the planes as well as the satellites
I don’t study science in books, I look at the sky
The stars twinkle, so does the mobile phone
It plays the game of signals with me
I know the name of a lot of stars
The stars, if together on a plate, are Sitabhog
If separate, they are Jilipi and Chandrapuli (names of sweets)
The galaxy is Chhanaar Payesh.

This book “Binayak Ruru’r Diary” is written by me and this one, this one “Ruku’r Galaxy”.

I like to mingle with people.

I want to meet them and talk to them.

I want to write and draw.

I want to become a doctor for crickets.

My chamber is in the forest of yams.

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