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Pehli Baarish, the brainchild of playback singer and Founder-Trustee of Trinayani, Ms. Ritika Sahni, is an inclusive music band that has been making music since its inception in Mumbai in 2014 and then its subsequent expansion to Kolkata in 2018. It was born out of conversations with friends - talented people with disabilities who are musicians, artists, and professionals. Teaming up with the National Organization of Disabled Artists (NODA), led by Kishor Gohil, Trinayani had set out to create an inclusive music band.

But what sets Pehli Baarish apart? Well, it's not just your average band - it's a dynamic and inclusive ensemble on a mission to challenge norms and foster diversity within the music industry.

Imagine a stage where boundaries blur, stereotypes crumble and talent reigns supreme…that's the essence of Pehli Baarish. By bringing together artists with and without disabilities, we're not only creating music but also celebrating the unique abilities of each member. But our commitment to inclusivity doesn't stop there! We go the extra mile to ensure our performances are accessible to all by collaborating with Sign Language interpreters to make sure everyone can groove to the beat. 

Through our performances, we've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of music in breaking down barriers and fostering dialogue. From entertaining children battling cancer to captivating audiences in correctional facilities, each experience has been a testament to the universal appeal of music and the importance of creating spaces for meaningful conversations. One standout occasion was our performance in Bangalore for Walmart on December 21st, 2023, with local singer Ritvik Rajan. Collaborating with musicians such as Nagesh Kamble, Kiran Vinkar, Nitesh Sonawane, Sachin Gaikar, Shafaq Qureshi, each with different disabilities, we delivered a performance that resonated with all who witnessed it.

Pehli Baarish isn't just about making music - it's about making a difference. As a livelihood initiative, we perform professionally as well as lend our talents pro bono. Our mission remains the same: to challenge perceptions and inspire change through the power of music. Our professional shows have been for Walmart in Bangalore, Purple Fest Goa, Saanidhaanam at Palghar, Ability Foundation in Chennai, HPCL at Vizag, online shows for General Electric, Diageo, Goldman Sachs among others organizations. In the spirit of giving we have performed in many locations in Mumbai, some of them are Umerkhadi Children's Home, Dongri, Chembur Childrens Home, Leprosy Hospital, Urja, Prerana and others.  

This inclusive music band embodies a refreshing departure from the typical narratives surrounding people with disabilities. Rather than being seen through a lens of dependence, our mission is to showcase the immense talents and contributions of this vibrant community. What better medium to challenge these stereotypes than through the universal language of music? If you want to find out more about Pehli Baarish, feel free to contact us!

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